Westfield House Childcare - Saltaire, Shipley

Parent partnerships and testimonials

“Parents are overwhelmingly positive in their feedback about the service they receive; they feel that their children are very happy and learn exceptionally well.”
(Ofsted, 2016)

We respect the role that parents play as the principal carer in their children's lives and we want to develop a close partnership with parents so that we can best meet your family's needs. We will have chance to talk at drop off and pick up to exchange any information. For parents of early years children you will receive a daily diary through our Babysday website detailing toileting, eating and sleeping information, along with activities they have enjoyed. You can view their ‘Learning Picture’ and observations whenever you want. All parents will receive a termly newsletter which will outline our plans for the term ahead, and give news from the previous term. Parents’ evenings will take place bi-annually, giving us the opportunity to talk about your child in more detail.

As a setting, we are always welcoming in new children which can be daunting not only for the child but parents too. Are there any words of advice or comments you would make to a new parents whose child would be due to start in regards to the settling in, transition process or nursery in general?

"It’s daunting at first worrying will your child fit in, will they be happy etc but all that soon goes. The staff are very supportive and the children settle really quickly. You can see how much they thrive and how happy they are to go."

"The children are so well cared for and their individual needs are carefully considered. No matter raised is too small and the staff are great at listening to and answering any questions."

"Nursery have been fantastic in giving us time and support in settling in our children. Nothing is too much trouble so speak your mind, express any concerns and it will be as though you were leaving them with trusted friends."

"Just be faithful in the knowledge that the Westfield house staff have got it all covered. The dropping off tears don't last once you're out of view!!"

"We moved our toddler to Westfield House in the hope of a better nursery experience and we couldn’t be happier. He is so much happier on drop off and we feel like we’ve got our little boy back! His skin has also improved thanks to the staff moisturising him daily and all of his dietary needs have been catered for. I’ve been so impressed with the indoor and outdoor activities and facilities and I’m so glad we moved him - I just wished he had started at Westfield as a baby! A huge thanks to all staff for their professionalism and great skills. I also love how staff keep in touch with parents via the Famly App, it’s great!"

Emma, 2020

"Our child has been at Westfield house for 3 and a half years now and since he started, we knew instantly that we had made the right decision and have never looked back. He comes home every day so happy and excited to tell us all about his day and is so keen to get into nursery in the mornings that he doesn’t even look back to say goodbye!! Every single key worker that he has had throughout his time at Westfield house has gone above and beyond to get to know him, even shaping play and activities around his (and others’) needs and interests. The staff are fantastic and the whole atmosphere is so warm and welcoming - it’s like one big family! His confidence has grown so much since he started, there are so many wonderful activities every day- Forest school sessions and yoga each week have been a particular highlight. We now can’t wait for our second child to start in September!"

Bethan Reeves, 2020

"Our daughter loves going to Westfield house. She has Down syndrome so has additional needs that have varied as she grows. Westfield house have been great at enthusiastically coming on this journey with us, including incorporating sign language and honouring her ehcp. She talks about ‘nursery school’ all the time at home and just glows when we go to pick her up. The staff have always been so warm with her and it shows. They help her progress with all her milestones and learning plan but most importantly they make her feel safe and happy"

Tegan Wakelin, 2020

"We are so grateful to the staff at Westfield House childcare for all their time, energy and commitment. From the moment we first visited the setting we felt comfortable, assured and actually excited for all the opportunities and experiences that would be made available to our daughter. The fact that she heads off to “big”school this year and is adamant she wants to go back to Westfield for wrap around care speaks volumes to the bond and community that she now feels towards this unique setting and the friends she has made there (staff and children alike). We couldn’t speak more highly of all the staff who are always friendly, approachable and keen to tell us what she has been up to. This is a special place which, from its core, sets out to give young children the best of starts before, and with wrap around care..after they start school!"

Ross and Laura McInroy, 2020

"Having experienced all that Westfield House can offer from the Baby Room right through to the Preschool room, Breakfast Club and Holiday Club, I can truly say that it has been such a wonderful nurturing environment for my children to really thrive and feel safe. Each setting has been a calm and caring but stimulating space to explore and the activities the staff devise are really thought through to encourage and inspire the children. Every member of staff takes the time to know all the children and every Key Worker has really taken the time to listen and help with the individual needs of our daughter. The outdoor space is beautiful and constantly used in all weathers and we feel lucky that our daughter has been able to experience Forest School. The setting really listens to parents and we have seen how it has continually evolved to improve the environment, use of space and find new additions to enhance the children's experience such as the new sensory space. I can without doubt wholeheartedly recommend Westfield House and all that it offers."

Mary Galloway, 2020

"We’ve always found Westfield House to have a lovely homely feel and both our children have settled well here. They have made really good friends and bonded well with staff. I think the rooms, resources, outdoor space and atmosphere of Westfield House are excellent but most importantly the staff are so caring, patient and professional."

Susan Jones, 2020

"Westfield House are amazing- I can’t recommend them enough. Both our girls have attended and they have made us feel very welcome. Both girls settled into nursery so quickly with a smile at the end of most days which was absolutely down to the care, attention and focus on them. Every morning and evening you are greeted with smiling faces and they really do seem to love their jobs. Our eldest graduated last year and her experience at Westfield more than set her up into her new adventures at school and the same can be said for our youngest when she goes. Westfield House is a very special place for us as a family and we would highly recommend it"

Adam Poultney, 2020

"My son absolutely adores Westfield. He has been there ever since he was 7 months old & now at 4 he has built many special bonds with Marie & all the staff. He needs a variety of activities to burn off vast amounts of energy of which Westfield supply in abundance. He loves the garden & forest school activities but equally the creativity of craft projects & indoor play. He tells us his tales of his day with great enthusiasm of what he has got up to with his friends playing & the great activities like Science tots & Tatty Bumpkins yoga. Westfield has given him a great basis for his next step into reception class at school, he is confident & very happy & I have Westfield House to thank for this."

Kelly Jones, 2020

"I cannot recommend Westfield House highly enough. We have two children there, our son (2) and daughter (5) who is now at school and attends the setting for wraparound care and holiday club. They have both attended since the age of 1. From the baby room to pre-school, this is an incredibly nurturing and stimulating setting. The staff really are exceptional, responding to children’s needs and forming lovely, long-lasting bonds – and they’re always happy to help lend their expert advice for any issues like potty training and behaviour. The setting itself is like a home from home, which I think helped the children settle so easily and cope with often quite long days. The attention to detail in the setting and the care provided really stands out. Communication is strong, in everything from knowing what they’ve been doing each day to parents’ evenings, and the admin side of things is very efficiently managed too. It’ll be a sad day when the children get too old to go!"

Claudia Ingolfsson, 2020

"My son loves it at Westfield House! He started going one day a week at around 1 year old and is now going 3 days a week as a 2.5 year old. He has gained so much from the experiences he has at nursery, making friends, getting creative (making mess!) and learning so much from the excellent staff. He is always straight through the door at drop off, ready for his day (or his breakfast at least!), as the staff are so welcoming. The updates you get using the Famly app are lovely to get and give a good insight to their days, as well as interesting developmental details they notice. Westfield House creates a really nice homely environment, the food always sounds nice and the gardens are a brilliant space to enjoy, even when it's often raining!"

Chris Maher, 2020

"Westfield House has been such a fantastic nursery. Our child has thoroughly enjoyed her time there and we will be sad to leave for school. All the staff are amazing; warm, caring, creative and highly skilled at what they do. The forest school sessions and use of outdoor space have been great and really supported a sense of confidence and play in the outdoors"

Shelley King, 2020

"Westfield House is a very special and nurturing place. The offer is varied, creative, stimulating and fun. The different rooms and the outdoor spaces are well thought out and refreshed regularly. The range of activities on offer is vast and the staff are all lovely, caring and have a genuine rapport with the children. J has really enjoyed every stage of his Westfield House journey"

Christine and Matthew Cooper, 2020

"Westfield House is a fantastic nursery, with competent and friendly staff, a wonderful physical and nurturing environment and (so our daughters tell us) 'the best food'! We love the emphasis on being outdoors and allowing the children to explore and through forest school, foster outdoor skills. Both our daughters have loved it here and we would not hesitate to recommend it."

Grania Fenton , 2020

"Both my children have loved Westfield House. They are always excited to go to nursery and talk about it fondly. I am amazed by all the different activities the children participate in and I love that they spend so much time outdoors both in gardens and at forest school when they get older. My children learn and grow so much at Westfield house. All the staff are wonderful and I trust them completely to care for my children. When they are there I know they will eat well, play well and will feel safe and secure. My son made great friends too that have stayed friends long after they have left nursery and I hope my daughter will too. I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks to all the team."

Justine Burton, 2020

"Our daughter has loved Westfield House nursery over the last 3 years. She particularly enjoyed forest school, lots of outdoor play, the lovely staff, playing with friends in an inspiring environment and eating the amazing organic and varied meals!"

Rebecca Phillips, 2020

"My child, Gavin and I wanted to express just how super special we think you are and what an important part you have played in the last for years for ‘M’. When we asked ‘M’ what she thought of when she thinks about nursery, she said ‘’happiness’’ which sums it up. Some very happy memories that we will treasure forever. We have tried to capture some of ‘M’s comments about nursery – ‘’Seeing my friends, chasing each other and giggling, making pictures for literally everyone, making dogs on strings and taking them for walks, snug as a bug in a rug game, toasting marshmallows in the woods, making volcanos, the wonderful trip to Saltaire shops, being proud she filled someone’s bucket by cuddling them when they got hurt, wearing mermaid leggings, Nicola’s food.’’ Not goodbye just see you soon.’"

Caroline Felce, 2018

"Thank you for providing a treasure trove of precious memories for my child in a lovely environment where she has always felt safe and secure"

Samree Ghafoor, 2018

"We just wanted to say an enormous thank you for everything you have done for ‘E’ since she started here. Over the time she has been at Westfield we have watched her thrive and blossom in to a confident, bubbly, inquisitive and enthusiastic child. Its all down to the wonderful opportunities you have provided and the incredible care and love you have shown her. She’s excited and ready for school but we know she will miss all the lovely friends she has made her and the amazing team you have!"

Sarah Walsh, 2018

"Thank you so much for making ‘E’s’ nursery experience so fantastic. We are really glad we chose Westfield House for her. She has had such a positive time at nursery and grown and learnt so much during her time with you. We have particularly appreciated the friendliness, positivity and professionalism of all the staff from opening the door to responding by email and your interaction with my child. Thank you all!"

Harriet Mathie, 2018

"Today is ‘M’s last day and I am devastated! It is officially the end of an era as I have no more little ones behind him. I am writing to say thank you so much for looking after ‘M’. It really is a massive thing to leave your kids with somebody else and you have to be confident that your kids are happy and well looked after. Westfield House did this for me with its lovely setting, but most importantly the warmth of the staff. There is such a lovely vibe when you walk in and both my kids loved it there. I will be forever grateful."

Aoife Aston, 2018

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for the part you’ve played in caring for ‘B’. He has been so lucky to have such dedicated and wonderful people caring for him since he was one years old! We appreciate all your hard work and feel so grateful that those important early years have been spent in such a caring and loving environment. He has many special memories to treasure as do we"

Rachel Abbot, 2018

"'E' loves coming to nursery. He talks about what he has done that day and seems to be comfortable with the environment and people around him. He loves outdoor play time and painting. Every member of the team at Westfield House makes it the place it is, all aspects of care we consider as first class. I am looking forward to seeing ‘E’ attend forest school sessions as he gets older. ‘E’s favourite things about nursery are story time, painting, outdoors, chasing, singing, Emma and Maurin’"

Caroline Thompson, 2018

“Tim & I are so so happy with everything that you all do at Westfield House & how much it is helping to mould Joshua into the little person he is. I am always so impressed when how friendly, positive & supportive everyone is, particularly at pick up times when you all must be absolutely shattered! In Little Gang Joshua’s been so well supported, nurtured & cared for, he always mentions Maurin & Bethan at home. He’ll move into Big Gang after such a good grounding in Babies & Little Gang. We’ve also really appreciated the way the transition for J into Big Gang is being handled, he clearly loves it down there & is getting more ready......lots of mentions of "me big boy in Big Gang" at home. I look forward to linking in more with the Big Gang staff members & know that Joshua’s remaining time at Westfield House will be fab! Baby Phillips is on the waiting list, thank goodness! Thank you all for everything you do, we’re so glad we found Westfield House as a setting for Joshua.”

Ruth Phillips. February 2017

“I am very happy with Westfield House and feel the nursery is a home from home. Staff are always there to give support, the nursery is a lovely, bright and welcoming place. I feel very happy and confident in my child coming Westfield and he has a good bond with all the staff here. I cant thank them enough for all their help and support they have given, not only to my child but us as a family.”

Jo Freeke-Morris, 2018

“My child has settled really well and we are really happy with the care and lovely things you do together at nursery. We cant thank you enough for supporting his dietary requirements, he loves nursery meals. Staff are all so friendly and caring and im so impressed with what a lovely team surround my child. He is so happy coming to nursery. The gardens and forest school are wonderful and we love how much time our child spends outdoors. All questions and queries have been answered with help and without delay”

Rachel Kipling, 2018