Westfield House Childcare - Saltaire, Shipley

Rest & recharging

Getting the right rest is important to your child’s care and wellbeing. At Westfield House this care is available for every age group including our pre-school children. Every child is treated as an individual, and as such there is no age cut off age to having the opportunity to sleep when they need.

Your baby will sleep according to their routine and needs in a dedicated sleep room, offering them a peaceful and relaxing place to rest and recharge their batteries. We use sleep coracles for our younger babies and fold out sleep mats for our older babies. They will have dedicated clean bedding, and a fluffy gro-bag to snuggle up and sleep in which is washed daily.

For our toddler and pre-school children (who still need a sleep) they will have their blanket and be able to sleep on a fold out sleep mat in a quiet place after lunch. If they need some quiet time in the day there is a quiet area for them to sit and read a book or have a cuddle.