Westfield House Childcare - Saltaire, Shipley

Our Child Care

Choosing the right place for your child to be cared for is a very personal and important decision. As a parent you want to find somewhere that feels comfortable, safe, caring and nurturing for your child. Somewhere that is in line with the values you hold, and a place you trust.

At Westfield House Childcare our vision is to provide a beautiful and nurturing environment where children can be individuals to develop as confident, enthusiastic and inquisitive learners. We combine the best aspects of childminding (homely, nurturing, valuing the importance of taking children on regular outings) with the best aspects of nursery (resources, reliability and the opportunities for children to make a range of friendships). We are a bit different to what is available locally, so do come and visit to find out why our parents and children are so happy here.