Westfield House Childcare - Saltaire, Shipley


How we have developed our facilities is pretty unique and we think makes for somewhere special for your child. We knew we wanted to dedicate more space to our children and invest in our facilities so we thought it would be a good idea to hear from our children what they wanted, as well as observing what the younger children enjoyed. A member of the Bradford Council Playwork team came and ran a session with the children to get their feedback. They loved what we had already and one simple request was ‘please could we have a few more sheets and pegs (for den making)’.

The next stage was to bring together Early Years teachers, someone from the Playwork team and most importantly parents to plan our play spaces incorporating the feedback from the children. Feedback from parents was that they didn’t want it to feel like a normal nursery, so it doesn’t. It has all the feeling of home combined with incorporating all the requirements of a learning environment carefully designed, with an added little sparkle of fairy doors.

We never stop thinking of how we can improve and develop the learning environment for our children. Recent changes have been to add an additional toilet downstairs, our outside toilet facilities, doors linking our rooms, and our latest project is to create free flow access to our pre-school garden.